Ommmm….let it storm

Ommm....: Project 365 01.02.12

Let it storm: Project 365 01.02.12

Day two of 2012. GOOD NEWS! I didn’t forget to do my art (it was close…).  Here are two pieces I made today with marker and pastel. The first, Ommm…. is a woman trying to relax, but having trouble because she capsuled in rage. Her physical being is “relaxed”, but she is still off in another world spiritually.

The second piece pretty much explains itself. The umbrella is shielding the garden, but the garden continues to grow.

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3 responses to “Ommmm….let it storm

  1. Polly

    AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing these!!

  2. A very interesting concept that is well epressed in the colors and the overall feel of the piece. I think this is a good one for me to ponder on.

  3. Thelma Craig

    Thankfully, the flowers are getting rained upon rather than crushed with snow! Spring is on it’s way. Another set of inciteful sketches.