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Project 365 01.05.12: Cecily

Project 365 2012 01.06.12: Art is...

Today has been an art-filled day. I love days when I can stay home and create things.

I am playing Cecily in a production of The Importance of Being Earnest. This is a character sketch I drew last night from a photograph.

The typography art is something I made today and printed on to a transparency which I will transfer to a screen to use to print a t-shirt on my newly-(home)made screen printer! To me, art is really hard to define. I’ve been trying to capture what it is that allures me to art, but it’s hard to categorize. I guess I just love it for what it is and how it makes me feel and see.



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4 responses to “Art is…

  1. Mom

    Art is what you do! Awesome!!

  2. I see a LOT of power in the expression and the lines

  3. Pappa

    I think you may have defined what art is. It has to be personal, apeal to your senses and your feelings and make you want to contine to create and fufill an inner urge or passion.
    I like Cecily, she seems to be quite earnest!
    Sounds as though you have completed your screen printing table, looking forward to seeing your finished products.

  4. This is what art is all about love the design 🙂