Contact Improv

Today was fantastic. I woke up and after a delicious green smoothie, went to a contact improv class with my sister. The class was amazing and opened my eyes up to a whole new way of using my senses to discover the world and the people living on it. The post-modern dance form tells stories, creates beauty, and energizes the body. It can be deep, meaningful, silly, comedic or any kind of emotion. You can watch some of it action here, or you can learn the concepts of the dance here. One of the things that I think is most delightful about the dance is that anyone can do it. It does look complex and scary, but as soon as I started, it seemed like I had been dancing all my life.

Tonight, Elly (my sister) and I went to a contact contact improvisation performance which was apart of “Mazopalooza“.  We watched more contact improv (I even got to be in one of the dances!), and at the end participated in a French ritual pronounced “oochy”. We lit candles and made resolutions before going in to the middle of the circle for more dancing. I resolve to be spontaneous without reservation.


Project 365 2012 01.07.12: Contact Improv

Project 365 2012 01.07.12 Ritual



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