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It feels like it has been ages since I last posted! I was sorting through all of my photos and art from the last couple of weeks, and realized how hard it can be to remember what I did each day. Project 365 reminds me, though, which is fun! I hope you enjoy finding my stories through my art from the last couple of weeks!


Project 365 2012: 02.10.12 Squiggles--Nearly forgot my art of the day. Luckily, I have Adobe Ideas on my phone, so I could make this cool vector-art!!

Project 365 2012: 02.11.12 Ready for the dance--My sister and Dad before the father-daughter girl scout dance. I have one good-looking family.

Project 365 2012: 02.12.12 Bleo--Our golden-doodle Bleo really likes the couch.

Project 365 2012: 02.13.12 Skittles--My friend Thomas and I enjoyed making patterns with skittles.

Project 365 2012: 02.14.12-Pop-lips--Pop art, and lips! Can it get any better?

Project 365 2012: 02.15.12-FAIL!--Yeah, I know I did some sort of art, but I can't remember what it was. Grrrr.

Project 365 2012: 02.16.12 View to the west--Our sunsets are always gorgeous. This is the view outside of our window.

Project 365 2012: 02.17.12 I heart YIG--Youth in Government is the most amazing program. We debated bills, learned from each other and had an absolute blast last weekend.

Project 365 2012: 02.18.12 Open mic--My microphone for the weekend in the Senate Chamber of the Capitol. The mic is always open.

Project 365 2012: 02.19.12 Impromptu--You never know when there will be an impromptu wedding with your amazing YIG friends.

Project 365 2012: 02.20.12 Lines--Can you read between the lines?

Project 365 2012: 02.21.12 Moonshine's Eye

Project 365 2012: 02.22.12-FAIL!--Missed this one too...

Project 365 2012: 02.23.12 Climbing--Rock climbing is really fun. Now I'm sore.

Project 365 2012: 02.24.12 Snowy Capitol




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Project 365: this week

My week in art.


Project 365 2012: 01.22.12 Splatter Hair--I love my paint. I let this one create itself. I had no idea what the splatters were going to turn in to.

Project 365 2012: 01.23.12 Stars, moon, sun--I was doodling (like I do 90% of the time I'm sitting), and drew a moon. I realized how I have been lacking in the creation of moons in my artwork. I decided to change that.


Project 365 2012: 01.24.12 The Pres--I was watching the State of the Union, and I realized what distinct facial expressions Barack Obama has. He's a cool guy.


Project 365 2012: 01.25.12 And then she remembered--I had a headache. I felt like my brain was going to fall out.


Project 365 2012: 01.26.12 Key--I watched Forward Theater Company's 1,000 Words and was inspired about what words can do. The story is about a fantastic photographer, Walker Evans whom I am so inspired by.


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Paperwhites with color blobs

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

I read this really cool tutorial about making these light blobs. It’s an especially fun experiment to try during these winter solstice times. I’m going to experiment with this more….

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Vicuña con madre

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

The vicuña is the most famous animal of Peru. I caught this beautiful relationship between this baby vicuña and his caregiver at the ruins of Sillustani, near Puno, Peru. For more stories of my travels, please visit


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Through the window

On the surface there may be rain, gunk and glass, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep moving forward.


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Sugar High

I eat the first piece

The sugar rushes in, inviting more-

and more and more and more and more

I love it

The pathway is imminent

I can’t stop

Only focusing on the M&M-

A tooth fairy died today.




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In the spirit of Halloween…

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

Happy Halloween!!


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