Tears of light

We cry tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of anger and tears of confusion, but we fail to remember our tears of light which are the tears that aren’t physically apart of us, but are so vital to our existence.

Project 365 2012: 01.21.12 Tears of light


Our light was exquisite yesterday. I shot this using a “natural gobo”. This is my invention. I used the light coming through the window and the got the light to point on Elly’s face through the side of a window shade. Thanks for following!



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We’re covered with snow. I captured this dead plant with a cap of snow with my aperture open wide so that I could achieve a very blurred background. Edits in photoshop achieved this painted, grainy final piece. Thanks for following!

Project 365 2012: 01.20.12 Snow-capped


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Inside, outside, upside-down

This week has been crazy! As I was putting my 365 images together, I was having trouble remembering what I did everyday. Twas a very fun week.

Project 365 2012: 01.17.12 Eagle Eye

Project 365 2012: 01.18.12 Whoooo--My monkey sister, Elly performs on a German Wheel. She's so cool!

Project 365 2012: 01.19.12 Board-Meeting--I get to testify at the Dane County Board Meeting!

Have a fantastic weekend!



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Peanut butter brownies

I was hoping to have something cool and leadership-y to share for this beautiful Martin Luther King Jr. day, but alas I don’t. Instead I will share with you the sugary, fattening and oh-so-delicious peanut butter brownies I made this evening. I found the recipe on The Chocolate Peanut Butter Gallery. This is probably the coolest website ever. Is there anything more heavenly than chocolate and peanut butter tangled up together on one’s tongue? Didn’t think so.

Project 365 2012: 01.16.12 Peanut butter brownies--Not to be too modest, but these were FREAKING DELISH! You can find the original recipe here.

And now I leave you all with two more meaningful and not so fattening quotes from the King himself.

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Purple Chaos

I think I have a chaotic week ahead of me.  I’m going to strive to live in the moment and love the process.

Here is some art that came out of my brain over the past two days.


Project 365 2012 01.14.12: Straight Chaos--I'm not really sure where this came from, I just kept drawing lines...

Project 365 2012: 01.15.12 Purple view--Model: Elly Craig---The light was to beautiful today, I had to capture it. I love how her belt reflects off of her funky purple shirt on her right arm!


Enjoy your week and Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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Whispering loudly

I found this photo which I took during out first snow back in December. I can’t believe the perfect ring around these beautifully dancing trees.

They are dancing on the wind. Fearlessly showing themselves. Whispering loudly.

Shhhhhh. Copyright 2012 Hannah Priscilla Craig.


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Screen printing!

AH! Today was an awesome day! I sat around in the basement in the dark with my family a lot. There were also some very interesting discussions which out of context would be extremely strange. However, I am not at liberty to discuss those discussions here…;( I’ll leave that up to your imaginations.

Project 365 2012: 01.13.12 Screen Art Shirt--My printed shirt!! Copyright 2012 Hannah Priscilla Craig

The poster I made from the same screen. Copyright 2012 Hannah Priscilla Craig

A closeup of the screen printing. Copyright 2012 Hannah Priscilla Craig

Me with my screen printer!

Screen printing is magical. The moment I saw the screen after burning the design with light, I screamed for a couple of minutes. Seriously. I should have video taped the screaming and jumping that went on. Then, when I first put the ink down on the screen and saw how the print looked I had another screaming attack.

Screen printing is boss.

Happy Friday!



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