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Forrest of Uncertainty

I decided to start a new collection of photographs of people mirroring the natural world. The photographs will have a larger meaning under the surface to convey emotion through the natural world around us. This collection is called “Human World”. We humanize anything we can find, and this collection brings those illustrations out of my mind’s eye.

I started today with “Forest of Uncertainty”.

Project 365 2012: 02.29.12 Forrest of Uncertainty

Copyright (C) Hannah Priscilla Craig 2012

Copyright (C) Hannah Priscilla Craig 2012

There is a beauty in uncertainty.


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Project 365 is diverse

I love looking through my file of 365 photos from these last 2 months and seeing the diversity of the art that I’ve created in this short time. Celebrate diversity! It’s what makes the world interesting!

Project 365 2012: 02.26.12 Diversity--I was reading the paper and saw a picture of a horrifying sign in front of a church in Iowa. I thought it deserved some art journaling.

Project 365 2012: 02.27.12 Pillows--My project for Sunday was making pillow covers for The Importance of Being Earnest with 608 Productions. I'm so excited for the show!

Project 365 2012: 02.27.12-MUFFINS!--At rehearsal for The Importance of Being Earnest. We enjoyed the Muffin scene. Oh, the joys of having food onstage!

Project 365 2012: 02.28.12-Mocha--I freaking LOVE dark chocolate and coffee mixed. That's all.

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It feels like it has been ages since I last posted! I was sorting through all of my photos and art from the last couple of weeks, and realized how hard it can be to remember what I did each day. Project 365 reminds me, though, which is fun! I hope you enjoy finding my stories through my art from the last couple of weeks!


Project 365 2012: 02.10.12 Squiggles--Nearly forgot my art of the day. Luckily, I have Adobe Ideas on my phone, so I could make this cool vector-art!!

Project 365 2012: 02.11.12 Ready for the dance--My sister and Dad before the father-daughter girl scout dance. I have one good-looking family.

Project 365 2012: 02.12.12 Bleo--Our golden-doodle Bleo really likes the couch.

Project 365 2012: 02.13.12 Skittles--My friend Thomas and I enjoyed making patterns with skittles.

Project 365 2012: 02.14.12-Pop-lips--Pop art, and lips! Can it get any better?

Project 365 2012: 02.15.12-FAIL!--Yeah, I know I did some sort of art, but I can't remember what it was. Grrrr.

Project 365 2012: 02.16.12 View to the west--Our sunsets are always gorgeous. This is the view outside of our window.

Project 365 2012: 02.17.12 I heart YIG--Youth in Government is the most amazing program. We debated bills, learned from each other and had an absolute blast last weekend.

Project 365 2012: 02.18.12 Open mic--My microphone for the weekend in the Senate Chamber of the Capitol. The mic is always open.

Project 365 2012: 02.19.12 Impromptu--You never know when there will be an impromptu wedding with your amazing YIG friends.

Project 365 2012: 02.20.12 Lines--Can you read between the lines?

Project 365 2012: 02.21.12 Moonshine's Eye

Project 365 2012: 02.22.12-FAIL!--Missed this one too...

Project 365 2012: 02.23.12 Climbing--Rock climbing is really fun. Now I'm sore.

Project 365 2012: 02.24.12 Snowy Capitol



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Contrast: Project 365 goes to Mexico

For this last week, I have been exploring  Mexico, visiting family and seeing the sites. I have many more photos I plan to add ASAP, but first, here are my chosen Project 365 pieces from the week. Enjoy!


Project 365 2012: 02.01.12 Paths--I took this through the car window on our first day of the trip. Long exposures are fun.

Project 365 2012: 02.02.12 Plane--I took this in the plain airplane.

Project 365 2012: 02.03.12-Butterfly-in-hand--My cousin holding a butterfly in a forest of millions of monarchs in Mexico.

Project 365 2012: 02.04.12 Shadow of Teotihuan--We all went to Teotihuacan with the temples of the sun and moon. I took this from the top of one of the walls. I love ancient places.

Project 365 2012: 02.05.12 Mariachi on Water--We went to Xochimilco, the only part of the lake left that once covered all of Mexico City. There are boats and parties all over. This is one of the boats which you can hire for a song or two!

Project 365 2012: 02.06.12 Legs--Need I say more?

Project 365 2012: 02.07.12 Positivity--I painted this the day we arrived home. I tried mixing my dry powdered paint with oil. The result wasn't brilliant. The oil didn't bring out the glitter from the paint, so I decided to add some water splatters on top. I was really happy with the splotched results.

Project 365 2012: 02.08.12 Another sunset--with my 35 mm Prime set to f1.8, I was ready to take this low-light beauty. I HEART THIS LENS!

Project 365 2012: 02.09.12 Obsession--I think I'm obsessed with eyes.

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Only light

This week was a photography week. Yesterday I bought a 35 mm prime lens, which I’m having a lot of fun with. The picture from yesterday was taken with it.

I head off for Mexico City tomorrow, so I should have some fun Project 365 photos this week!

Thanks for reading!

Project 365 2012: 01.27.12 Silks--We had our first rehearsal for a circus performance. The people who can climb the silks are so amazingly strong!

Project 365 2012: 01.28.12 Huh?--My mother, Polly, makes a beautiful and hilarious clown!

Project 365 2012: 01.29.12 Circus Bliss--My sister, Elly LOVES monkeying on the German Wheel. She warmed up before our performance.

Project 365 2012: 01.30.12 Parliamentary--I am involved with Youth in Government. We use parliamentary procedure and find it fun. I find this antique book fun. Also, I LOVE YIG!

Project 365 2012: 01.31.12 Glittery--Taken in a Target store with my brand new 35mm Prime. GAA! I love this lens!

Also, the song of the week is Jack Johnson’sIf I Had Eyes“. I can’t stop listening to it. It’s one of those songs that energizes and motivates. I can’t figure out what makes it so awesome.

Paz y Amor!

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Project 365: this week

My week in art.


Project 365 2012: 01.22.12 Splatter Hair--I love my paint. I let this one create itself. I had no idea what the splatters were going to turn in to.

Project 365 2012: 01.23.12 Stars, moon, sun--I was doodling (like I do 90% of the time I'm sitting), and drew a moon. I realized how I have been lacking in the creation of moons in my artwork. I decided to change that.


Project 365 2012: 01.24.12 The Pres--I was watching the State of the Union, and I realized what distinct facial expressions Barack Obama has. He's a cool guy.


Project 365 2012: 01.25.12 And then she remembered--I had a headache. I felt like my brain was going to fall out.


Project 365 2012: 01.26.12 Key--I watched Forward Theater Company's 1,000 Words and was inspired about what words can do. The story is about a fantastic photographer, Walker Evans whom I am so inspired by.


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Tears of light

We cry tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of anger and tears of confusion, but we fail to remember our tears of light which are the tears that aren’t physically apart of us, but are so vital to our existence.

Project 365 2012: 01.21.12 Tears of light


Our light was exquisite yesterday. I shot this using a “natural gobo”. This is my invention. I used the light coming through the window and the got the light to point on Elly’s face through the side of a window shade. Thanks for following!


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