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COMING SOON TO THE BLOGOSPHERE NEAR YOU: The 4 wondering wanderers go to Ecuador!!

It should be quite the adventure. We leave in 2 weeks, and are definitely going with the flow for this adventure. I think it will be really cool to have the flexibility to talk to people along the way and just see where the road takes us.

Have you been to Ecuador?? Share your stories/experiences/brainstorms with us!!

With excitement,


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Contrast: Project 365 goes to Mexico

For this last week, I have been exploring  Mexico, visiting family and seeing the sites. I have many more photos I plan to add ASAP, but first, here are my chosen Project 365 pieces from the week. Enjoy!


Project 365 2012: 02.01.12 Paths--I took this through the car window on our first day of the trip. Long exposures are fun.

Project 365 2012: 02.02.12 Plane--I took this in the plain airplane.

Project 365 2012: 02.03.12-Butterfly-in-hand--My cousin holding a butterfly in a forest of millions of monarchs in Mexico.

Project 365 2012: 02.04.12 Shadow of Teotihuan--We all went to Teotihuacan with the temples of the sun and moon. I took this from the top of one of the walls. I love ancient places.

Project 365 2012: 02.05.12 Mariachi on Water--We went to Xochimilco, the only part of the lake left that once covered all of Mexico City. There are boats and parties all over. This is one of the boats which you can hire for a song or two!

Project 365 2012: 02.06.12 Legs--Need I say more?

Project 365 2012: 02.07.12 Positivity--I painted this the day we arrived home. I tried mixing my dry powdered paint with oil. The result wasn't brilliant. The oil didn't bring out the glitter from the paint, so I decided to add some water splatters on top. I was really happy with the splotched results.

Project 365 2012: 02.08.12 Another sunset--with my 35 mm Prime set to f1.8, I was ready to take this low-light beauty. I HEART THIS LENS!

Project 365 2012: 02.09.12 Obsession--I think I'm obsessed with eyes.

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Seeing through Sillustani

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

At the ruins of Sillustani, there are remains of Incan, and Pre-Incan burial towers. This is probably one of the many offering chambers located at the sacred site. Sillustani is located 34 km from my current location in Puno, Peru. To read more about my travels in Peru, visit 4wonderingwanderers.wordpress.com

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With the clouds

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

At the Cruz del Condor in the Colca Canyon, 1 hour from Yanque, Peru, you will find outlandish views of one of the deepest canyons in the world. Once the clouds cleared, we could see more than two miles down. We were walking through clouds.

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En la cocina

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

A woman in the high-rural area of Puno, Peru looks out of the entrance to her kitchen.

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Vicuña con madre

Copyright Hannah Priscilla Craig 2011

The vicuña is the most famous animal of Peru. I caught this beautiful relationship between this baby vicuña and his caregiver at the ruins of Sillustani, near Puno, Peru. For more stories of my travels, please visit 4wonderingwanderers.wordpress.com.


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