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Project 365 is diverse

I love looking through my file of 365 photos from these last 2 months and seeing the diversity of theĀ art that I’ve created in this short time. Celebrate diversity! It’s what makes the world interesting!

Project 365 2012: 02.26.12 Diversity--I was reading the paper and saw a picture of a horrifying sign in front of a church in Iowa. I thought it deserved some art journaling.

Project 365 2012: 02.27.12 Pillows--My project for Sunday was making pillow covers for The Importance of Being Earnest with 608 Productions. I'm so excited for the show!

Project 365 2012: 02.27.12-MUFFINS!--At rehearsal for The Importance of Being Earnest. We enjoyed the Muffin scene. Oh, the joys of having food onstage!

Project 365 2012: 02.28.12-Mocha--I freaking LOVE dark chocolate and coffee mixed. That's all.


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